Special of the Day / Week

Here is the special of the Day or Week!

Fresh Chinese Greens Price
1 Stir fried Snow Pea Tips with garlic or in the Soup 蒜蓉或上汤豆苗 $18.95
2 Stir fried A Choy with garlic or wild peppers 蒜蓉或炝炒油麦菜 $16.95
3 Stir fried A Choy in black bean & garlic sauce 豆豉鲮鱼油麦菜 $18.95
4 Stir fried Shanghai Bok Choy with garlic or with wild peppers 蒜蓉或炝炒上海白菜 $14.95
5 Stir fried Taiwan Spinach with Garlic or in the Soup 蒜蓉或上汤台湾菠菜 $16.95
6 Gai Lan (choice of garlic, ginger or oyster sauce) 芥兰 $15.95
7 Baby Chinese Cabbage 上汤娃娃菜 $16.95
8 Stir Fried Tong Choy with Garlic or Tofu Sauce or Shrimp Sauce (蒜蓉或腐乳或虾酱通心菜) $18.95
9 Watercress (蒜蓉或上汤西洋菜) $16.95
Special Dishes Price
Taro Root with Chicken or Pork Belly or Ribs 芋头烧鸡或芋头烧肉或芋头烧排骨 $21.95
Marinated Goose 红烧大鹅 $24.95
Lamb with Bean Curd Stick 枝竹羊腩煲 $20.95
Pan Fried Salmon Bones 香煎三文鱼骨 $13.95
A Choy Stem Stir fried with Pork 莴笋炒肉 $17.95
Calm in Black Bean & Garlic Sauce or with Jalapeno Peppers 豉汁或尖椒蛏子 $21.95
Duck Feet with Chinese Mushroom 北菇鸭掌煲 $16.95
Bamboo Shoots with Chicken or Ribs or Pork Belly  竹笋烧鸡或烧排骨或烧肉 $21.95
Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper 黑椒牛柳 $17.95
Stir Fried Green Beans with Olive Vegetable 橄榄菜炒四季豆 $16.95
Stir Fried Chinese Chives Flower with Pork 韭菜花炒肉 $16.95
Frog Legs with Potato, Celery and Wild Peppers 干锅田鸡腿 $18.95
Stir Fried Fresh Mushroom with Pork 鲜蘑炒肉 $17.95
Stir Fried White Bamboo Shoots with Shrimp 茭白炒虾 $21.95
Home Style Red Braised Whole Fish 红烧鱼 $24.95