Special of the Day / Week

Here is the special of the Day or Week!

Fresh Chinese Greens Price
Stir fried Snow Pea Tips with garlic or in the Soup 蒜蓉或上汤豆苗 $18.95
Stir fried A Choy with garlic or wild peppers 蒜蓉或炝炒油麦菜 $16.95
Stir fried A Choy in black bean & garlic sauce 豆豉鲮鱼油麦菜 $18.95
Stir fried Shanghai Bok Choy with garlic or with wild peppers 蒜蓉或炝炒上海白菜 14.95
Stir fried Watercress with Garlic or in the Soup 蒜蓉或上汤西洋菜 16.95


Special Dishes Price
Stir fried Pressed Tofu with Hot Jalapeno Peppers 尖椒炒豆干 $13.95
Marinated Goose 红烧大鹅 $24.95
Chinese Yellow Chives stir fried with Squid Tentacles 韭黄炒鱿鱼须 $21.95
Pan Fried Salmon Belly 香煎三文鱼腩 $14.95
A Choy Stem Stir fried with Pork 莴笋炒肉 $16.95
Calm in Black Bean & Garlic Sauce or with Jalapeno Peppers 豉汁或尖椒蛏子 $18.95
Sliced Chayote Squash with Pork 佛手瓜炒肉 $16.95
House Special Fresh Fruits Salad 特制水果沙拉 $16.95
Big Onion Stir fried with Pork 京葱炒肉 $16.95