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Marion Warhaft Winnipeg Free Press review 2015 –

Corydon Chinese spot offers authentic delights…

Even though the Corydon strip is one of the city’s most restaurant-dense areas, the few Chinese options are mostly takeout or delivery.

But that’s not the case behind Sunshine’s bright yellow door. It, too, has one of those standard menus for in-house dining and takeout or delivery, but I didn’t try them. I had come for the special menu of authentic Chinese specialties — in English, unlike the Chinese-only practice at other places.

The wise diner who asks for it will be rewarded with some delicious specialties. It’s small, as Chinese menus go — just 50 items — but the portions are huge, withmost main courses ranging from $9.95 to $15.95.

Several dishes are very spicy. It pays to ask before ordering, and the degree of heat will be reduced on request.

December 14, 2015 – 151214 – Steamed tofu with shrimp and fish fillet balls at the Sunshine Chinese Restaurant Monday, December 14, 2015. John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

Many of the dishes may be familiar, but the menu also delivers such lesser-known specialties as the fabulous No. 26 — succulent head- and shell-on prawns in an incendiary coating, with a milder stir-fry of thin strips of celery, chunks of potatoes and little cubes of red chili peppers. The wild pepper referred to in the description is actually Szechuan pepper, which isn’t a pepper at all, but a crushed berry that adds a slightly citrusy flavour and a bit of tang.

I liked all I tried, both hot and mild; as it happened, one of my favourites was one of the mildest — the lightly breaded little pieces of basa fish, with a fresh, delicate flavour, greaselessly deep-fried and strewn with shreds of ginger and green onion. With them came a light, soy-based sauce for dipping.

I’m always delighted when I find Lion’s head meatballs on a menu. These are enormous, but with a light and springy texture, bathed in a dark but mild soy-based sauce with hints of five spice. I prefer the more common garnish of leafy Chinese greens (representing the lion’s mane), but the little chunks of broccoli that were used instead were perfectly cooked.

Tender, stir-fried strips of lamb seasoned with cumin seeds are spiked also by a sprinkling of hot chili powder. More moderately spiced is the meltingly soft fried eggplant, which comes in strips instead of the usual chunks, with minced pork in a very garlicky sauce with a slightly sweet tinge from sweet-bean paste.

I often find bamboo shoots too earthy for my taste, but I loved them here, stir-fried with strips of pork and chili sauce.

Although for most of us soup is the first course, in many Chinese dinners it’s the last one, and if your mouth is still alive with a blaze of chili, I’d suggest ending with the soothing and delicious tofu soup with ground beef and cilantro.

The interior — with a sunshine-yellow wall and columns — is cosy and comfortable, the service is pleasant and exceptionally accommodating

A cut above

Winnipeg’s best restaurants of 2015


635 Corydon Ave., 204-715-2615.

Ask for the menu of authentic Chinese specialties instead of the standard takeout menu. It’s shorter than most, but it’s the only authentic Chinese food I know of on the Corydon strip, and it’s delicious.

Many dishes are spicy, but they’ll turn the heat down on request. Some top choices: No. 26 — incendiary head and shell-on prawns with wild pepper in a milder stir-fry of celery, potatoes and red chili peppers, lamb with cumin spiked by hot chili powder, or, for milder tastes, eggplant with minced pork in a slightly sweet sauce, and the enormous lion’s head meatballs

John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press
Ling Wang and her husband, Baojian Sun, owners of the Sunshine Chinese Restaurant.



  • 5 stars Feb 20, 2020
    The absolute best thing is the service! I’ve never actually had anyone in a Chinese food restaurant go over a menu with me before. Ling, one of the owners, is wonderful and patient with the guests. We had egg rolls to start. Probably the best I’ve ever had. And a hot and spicy beef dish and a sweet BBQ chicken dish. There is a regular menu with all the usual Chinese food items, but guests who dine in the restaurant can order off a more authentic Chinese menu – not available for “To Go” orders.


  • 5 stars  Jan 2020
    Thoroughly enjoyed! The owner was absolutely delightful and helped us pick some new-to-us dishes. A tasty Chinese greens soup, and possibly the best stir-fried veggies I’d ever had. Very happy with the experience and will definitely be going back.


  • 5 Stars, Sept 2019 /One of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Winnipeg if not the whole of Canada. I have lived in China for a bit in most of the cities from the north to the south and this restaurant reminds me of the aroma emanating from the restaurants in China. The part owner Ms. Ling was very attentive and provided options that would help us make good choices. I recommend this restaurant to anyone who craves Authentic Chinese food. Don’t worry too much about the decor and setup. The Ginger beef is probably one of the best, although I would recommend that if you order it, ask them to tone down on the sweetness.


TripAdvisor   “One word WOW”

  • March 2020, Absolutely delicious & excellent service!!

    I regret that my family only discovered this hidden gem quite recently, but we’re making up for lost time! The food is outstanding, the portions overly generous (tremendous value!) and the owner/operator is wonderful; she will happily offer suggestions along the lines of your order.
    Everything we’ve tried has been a hit, but definitely don’t miss the handmade dumplings…best in the city by far!
    Thanks Sunshine – keep up the great job 😉

  • Excellent meal with a quiet atmosphereI look for little hidden treasures and this is one. Going down corydon and just stopped in. Not fancy but the quality goes into their food.
    Ordered the deluxe wonton soup which provided fresh vegetables that were perfect. The beef with Chinese greens was exceptional. Finally with chicken fried rice we ordered the lemon chicken which was also made to perfection and who can resist not ordering egg rolls. A must. The servings were large, the service was quick, the staff were friendly and courteous and to pay around $70 and have ample take home is very reasonable.
    We enjoyed the atmosphere which wasn’t crowded close tables and were able to enjoy each other’s company as well.
    A definite gem. In fact I’ve decided to order from them for the holiday season. This time a wider array of their menu.
    Keep up the great work Sunshine. I’m a huge fan.
  • “Tried this restaurant a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised! The food was very good and portions generous. We had enough left over for lunch the next day for 2 of us. Would recommend. Service was good also”


  • “Fantastic addition to CorydonLived on Corydon for 20 years and have been waiting for good Chinese. While Evergreen is good, Sunshine is walking distance. Seriously, every dish we have tried has been solid. Excellent hot and sour soup contains 4 big shrimp. Shanghai noodles just right amount of spice. They do brisk takeout on the weekend. Great food and reasonable prices.


Yelp – 5 stars

  • I  frequent this place whenever I crave Chinese as I live nearby and by far it offers the best value in my opinion.  I have tried pretty much everywhere else in the area and rate restaurants based upon quality, quantity and service. I have no idea why anyone would rate this place under a 4.  I’m pretty fussy and I love it here.  You get a massive “dinner for one” plate that would actually feed 2 people for fifteen bucks. (I eat like a pig like a and could never finish it all in my own).
    For an extra dollar I usually get the option of lemon chicken and get a huge breast and a half portion on a massive bistro style plate full of fried rice, a pile of veggies, a spring roll and as a starter got wonton soup. Everything always comes out piping hot, and it comes fast.  The place is quiet and the owner will often make light conversation with my 5 year old and I while we relax in the corner at a booth.  Definitely worth a try to say the least
  • One word – WOW – On Friday my wife and I ordered the Deep Fried Veal. It was the most tender veal I ever tasted in any restaurant anywhere at any price. We also ordered the house special Chow Mein, The size of the shrimp was amazing. Whatever you order you’ll be more that satisfied. On our next visit, I was thinking of just telling the hostess to pick the dishes for us. My wife favorite is Black Bean Garlic Shrimp. Where ever you live in Winnipeg try this place out and see why I rated the restaurant so highly


  • Best Hot & Sour soup ever! – They recently opened, from closing their 3 restaurants to combine into this one.
    Their Hot & Sour soup is the best I have ever had, and repeatedly order take out regularly.
    They also have the “Chinese” menu, that we have ordered off of, real authentic dishes that I dont think I will ever order an “American” Chinese dish again!